MSUM: Summer Night of the Museums

Sobota, 16. junij 2012, 10.00 - 24.00

Summer Night of the Museums
Saturday, 16 June 2012, 10.00 - 24.00

The Present and Presence - Repetition 1
The Bosnia Archive
The Body: Portable Intelligence Increase Museum - Pop Art, Conceptual Art and Actionism in Hungary in the 1960s (1956-1976)
An Archive of Performance Art
An Archive-in-Becoming. Oral Histories, Digital Archives and Connections

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12 a.m.-2 p.m. These are not workshops: a creative get-together for all generations outside the MSUM, next to the yellow camping trailer and a tour of the exhibition This is Not a Museum. Mobile Devices Lurking at the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum, with Boris Beja and Dana Terzić

This is the last opportunity to see the show that was organized together by the MSUM, the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum and the Embassy of Spain and that includes various artistic approaches to realizing the idea of a mobile museum.

6-9 p.m. The Ciza Museum in action

The Ciza (=pushcart) Museum was made at the Art, Social Sphere and Mobile Constructions workshop, which formed part of the exhibition This Is Not a Museum. It is meant to be taken to well-frequented points in the city and serve as an aid to start public dialogue, discussions, presentations or other forms of communication. The Ciza Museum is the local example of a mobile museum and as such included in the exhibition This Is Not a Museum. Before it leaves Ljubljana and travels to the exhibition's next destination, it will offer its vegetable cargo to the passersby one last time.
The action will be carried out by the workshop participants.

6-8 p.m. A space art workshop for all generations outside the MSUM and related to the exhibition The Present and Presence - Repetition 1

If you could exhibit in space, what kind of work would you make? Join us in the space art - UMBOTs, each with its own logo, name, message, and drawing.

The workshop refers to the Biomechatronic Projectile Noordung by Dragan Živadinov::Dunja Zupančič::Miha Turšič.

6-8 p.m. A guided tour of the exhibition The Present and Presence- Repetition 1 and special projects in Slovene by curators Igor Španjol and Adela Železnik.

The tour will cover such topics as contemporaneity, art and war, new media, art and popular culture, body art, art and archiving, and institutional critique.

6-8 p.m. White Noise: 6 performances outside the MSUM and an interactive installation with commercials.
Students of the Poljane High School will be appearing in the performances, under the mentorship of Nina Ostan and Mateja Ocepek in collaboration with the artist Sašo Sedlaček.

Students/artists: Tana Benčan, Lovro Dežman, Urša Dimič, Hana Godina, Marjeta Hostnik, Nika Jerman, Nikolina Kante Bulc, Tana Kestner, Maša Klammer, Eva Klun, Eva Korenjak, Majken Kores, Jasmina Kuduzovič, Mirjam Mercina, Jon Nikolaj Pollak, Klara Katarina Rupert, Ana Smerdu, Izadora Verlič, Leni Vozlič, Nina Žagar, Zala Žagar

In recent years the teachers and students of the Poljane High School have been focusing more intensely on contemporary art. Performances entitled White Noise were first presented at the Culture Bazaar at the Cankarjev Dom in Ljubljana in March 2012.

10 p.m. Marko Batista: Time Diagrams, an intermedia performance
Video assistance Boštjan Čadež, technical assistance: Tomaž Kučer, Jure Sajovic
Produced by: Aksioma - Zavod za sodobne umetnosti, Ljubljana; coproduced by: MSUM

Special thanks to: Zavod K6/4 - Galerija Kapelica
More on the project:

10:30-12 p.m. EVR screenings on the MSUM façade
EVR (e-flux video rental) is project of artists Anton Vidokle and Julieta Aranda. It is conceived as a video archive, a space for screenings and a free video rental. The videos that will be screened have been selected by Anton Vidokle and Julieta Aranda:
1."Returning a sound", Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla, selected by Hans Ulrich Obrist (5:36')
2."Guarana Power", Superflex selected by e-flux staff (11')
3."Los Rebeldes del Sur", Wilson Diaz (10') selected by Pablo Leon de la Barra
4."An Artist Who Cannot Speak English is No Artist", Jakup Ferri, selected by Natasa Petresin (5')
5."From my Window", by Jozef Robakowski (9' 20") selected by Adam Klimzac
6."Casual Shopper", Judith Barry (6') selected by Gilbert Vicario
7."Polaroid Cocaine", by Michel Auder (5') selected by e-flux staff
8."La Pasion de Juana de Arco", by Jorge Macchi (10') selected by Gabriel Perez Barreiro
9."Living a Beautiful Life", by Corinna Schnitt (13') selected by Christoph Keller
10."I Verdi Giorni", by Diego Perrone (2'30") selected by Massimiliano Gioni

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