Laugh Out Laud!

Myriam La Plante: Neuron Sculpture

5 October - 13 October 2007
Mala Galerija, Slovenska cesta 35, Ljubljana

Myriam Laplante (Bangladesh / Italy) and Tejal Shah (India): Me? You? No! It!

Myriam Laplante: Lupus in Fabula and Neurons

Myriam Laplante presents her performance Lupus in Fabula, which upon the end of the action shall transform into a gallery installation. By projecting an image of the world through the personification of mythological or fictional characters, the artist creates a space of opposition in which she tries to accommodate the misleading promises of fairytales and her own entanglements with reality, where different - or no - rules apply. The performance, which draws from Grimm's tale The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids, takes off from the original story, turning the image of mother the saviour into mother - the destroyer.

The second work by Laplante is Neurons, an electric sculpture playing with the idea of the irreplaceable and most essential cell of the nervous system - the neuron. These cells are responsible for processing and transmitting information, and, by way of short circuits the artist ironizes the malfunctioning brains of world leaders - people who should never have become what they are.

Tejal Shah: The Reinvention of Hysteria: Iconography from the Salpetricre Hospital (work in progress)

Tejal Shah will present a series of photographs which deal with Professor Jean-Martin Charcot's idea of the reinvention of hysteria. In the late-19th century, Dr Charcot established the first photo laboratory at Paris famous Pitié-Salpetricre hospital. The artist reconstructed situations and took photos of hysteria in the manner of Charcot. This work critically deals with historical and social constructs, one of which is so-called female hysteria.

The exhibition will be open from 3rd to 13th October (except on Mondays) between 10 am and 6 pm.

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