Igor Zabel Competition

The Moderna galerija / Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana, invites curators to enter for the fourth

Igor Zabel Competition

The winning project will be realized in September 2011 at the Mala galerija (Slovenska cesta 35).

The Igor Zabel Competition is dedicated to innovative curatorial approaches and theoretical research in contemporary visual arts.

Your entry must include:

- a description of the proposed project,
- a concept of the show or an outline of a short catalogue essay,
- your biographical data,
- a financial break-down of the costs,
- and visual documentation.

(The documentation will not be returned.)

Please send your entries by regular mail to Moderna galerija, Tomšičeva 14, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, by 31 March 2011, with the annotation "Za Termin Igorja Zabela" on the envelope, or by email to igor.spanjol@mg-lj.si.

The proposals will be reviewed by an international panel, and the selection announced by early April 2011.

Igor Zabel, a curator at the Moderna galerija for many years, stressed the dialogic relationship, the heterogeneity of the identity, the transparency, and the contextual determination of a curator?s position. The winning project of 2008 was You Own Me Now Until You Forget About Me, by curators Birgit Rinagl and Franz Thalmair; in 2009, Darcy Lange: Work Studies 1974?77, by the curator Mercedes Vicente; and in 2010 Untaken Photographs by curator Ariella Azoulay.

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