You are kindly invited to attend the first public presentation of ZALOGRAD on Monday, 20 December 2010, at 18.00h at Moderna Galerija, Tomšičeva 14, Ljubljana.

In recent years, a new generation has been growing up in Ljubljana's district Zalog. Remote from other parts of Ljubljana and inhabited by youngsters that have their roots in a very diverse mix of cultural backgrounds from all around ex-Yugoslavia, this group has developed its own urban identity, found its own urban hotspots and its own urban (non-)perspective.

With the making of ZALOGRAD, a group of artists, architects and social researchers have started exploring the urban space of Zalog through the eyes of its youngsters. How do they relate to their 'city', what is important to them in terms of city space, how do they see the future in Zalog? Last but not least, ZALOGRAD is also about building communication and overcoming prejudices between different generations of citizens: who is them - who is we?

The project group is researching ways to initiate a number of new urban spaces that would fulfill the needs of youngsters in Zalog - places where, for the first time, they can take the initiative and construct a part of their own city - ZALOGRAD.
Ultimately, ZALOGRAD, made with and by younsters, sketches the grounds for the joint production of a manual on the perception of urban spaces, which will be made available as a result of this collaboration within the wider project Public City.

Contributions by:
Erika Dolenc (social worker, ČMC Zalog), Ana Džokić and Marc Neelen (STEALTH.unlimited, Rotterdam/Belgrade), Ružica Jovanović and Milica Tasić (students of architecture, Belgrade), Katarina Žakelj (anthropologist, Ljubljana), Ognjen Radivojević (anthropologist, Novi Sad/Ljubljana), Boštjan Bugarič (C3, Ljubljana), youngsters of Zalog and video by Domen Grögl (photographer, Ljubljana), Luka Bogovčič (filmmaker, Ljubljana), Tina Cotič (architect, Ljubljana), Tamara Rijavec (architect, Ljubljana).

WHERE IS ZALOGRAD will be presented in Slovene, Serbian and English.


ZALOGRAD is an outcome of the project Public City, initiated by STEALTH.unlimited (Ana Džokić and Marc Neelen) and C3 (Boštjan Bugarič), made in collaboration with Moderna Galerija in Ljubljana and supported by Ministry of Culture of Slovenia and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ljubljana.

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