Mapping/Archiving/Analysing the Defunct Spaces of Art


Moderna galerija (Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana)
22 September - 22 October 2006

Among the results of privatization, intrusion of capital and decrease of public space is also the erasure of spaces of art. Over the past forty years many spaces, which were temporary or permanent locations of artistic activity, have disappeared from the map of Ljubljana. Namely, the articulation of a specific social political space at a certain time takes place through the development of aesthetics, poetics and concepts. At a certain moment these may condense and spring up as spaces of cultural production, which are capable of generating new social meanings and practices. The marking of disappeared spaces of art is thus a part of the history of cultural production in the broadest sense, and at once the description of social and material circumstances, which render possible a certain kind of cultural production. These circumstances will make visible the development of cultural politics of allotting space for cultural purposes, at the same time pointing to the urgency of understanding that the development of cultural production depends on cultural politics and social climate.

The visual presentation of the project includes a model, web page, a compendium as well as sound archive of these spaces. Visitors are invited to actively participate in the project by way of different interactive media.

Sound Archive: Podhod Ajdovščina

Curated by Bojana Piškur

Database: Saša Spačal, Nejc Koradin
Model: Urban Jeriha
Sound Archive: Sašo Kalan
3D animation: Peter Košir
Advisor: Maks Soršak
Texts: Bojana Piškur, Bratko Bibič, Dušan Pirih Hup, Marina Gržinić, Jana Intihar - Ferjan, Mojca Dimec, Matej Zonta, Gregor Tomc, Milan Dekleva, Igor Vidmar, Neven Korda, Lev Kreft, Urban Jeriha, Saša Spačal, Nejc Koradin, Sašo Kalan.
Photographs: Dejan Habicht, Matija Pavlovec

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