VLADO MARTEK: Mala razstava

VLADO MARTEK: A Small Exhibition


Mala galerija Opening view on Thursday, 9 September at 8 p.m. at the Mala galerija Exhibition curator: Igor Zabel Vlado Martek was born in Zagreb in 1951. He graduated from the Faculty of Arts in Zagreb. He was a member of the informal Group of Six with whom he organized exhibitions-actions and started the magazine-catalogue MAJ 75.
He is a nomadic multimedia artist. His projects include actions, graffiti, murals, environments, (poetic) provocations, texts on other artists, texts on his own work, and his own editions of postcards, prints, books and catalogues. Author of eight collections of pre-poetry, drawings and prints, some of which he published himself. He has published poetry and pre-poetry in magazines Kolo, Quorum, Problemi, Republika, MAJ 75 etc.
He lives and works in Zagreb.

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