The catalogue of the Museum in the Streets now available

The catalogue of Moderna galerija's latest big project, Museum in the Streets, has come out.

Moderna galerija / Museum of Modern Art organized an international exhibition Museum in the Streets between 23 September and 19 October 2008.
The exhibition presented specific features of Ljubljana from a different angle by focusing on the representations of the city, urban identities, mappings of the city, interventions in the city, and urban visions. There were over forty artists, theoreticians, and activists engaged in more than thirty-five events, workshops, debates, talks, and exhibitions exploring urban antagonisms: those aspects of the city that are both present and at the same time invisible, marginalized, and repressed, making them in this way visible in a new context.

The Museum in the Streets site-oriented works inhabited parks, window displays, passages, bookshops, a cafe, workers' hostels, an empty bar, the sky above the city, a sports stadium, the streets, a social center, an elementary school, various media such as the Internet, newspapers, radio, and dealt with a broad range of disciplines: art, anthropology, sociology, urbanism, pedagogy as well as different methods of (co) research and work, and their formal presentation and self-reflections. The exhibition emphasized the idea that public spaces are not only public things in general, but that any site has the potential to be transformed into a public space.

The catalogue includes texts by the project curators Zdenka Badovinac (The Invisible City) and Bojana Piškur (The (Im)Possibilities of an Art Space Becoming Political), theoretical discussions by Sezgin Boynik (The Punk of Politics, or, How Srečo Kirn Changed His Mind on Punk) and Gal Kirn (Remembering the Partisans or Thinking the Partisan Movement?) and project presentations. Nives Zalokar, Adela Železnik, and Tomaž Kučer also worked on the project.


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