New Acquisitions in the Moderna galerija Collections: Miha Knific, Miha Štrukelj, Sašo Vrabič

Miha Knific, 43/231 (Margate), 2005
Miha Štrukelj, No title, 2005

6 February - 12 March 2009
Mala galerija, (Slovenska c. 35)

Miha Knific, 43/231 (Margate), 2005

"Knific's work is a continuation of his research into the concepts of the representation and reinterpretation of a subject. Composed of photographs and texts, it is formally reminiscent of script outline. Although the photographs function as autonomous entities, the dialogues, and the time captured in them, go on and surpass the image, just as abstract thought transcends the reality of the image itself." (Igor Španjol, 2005)

Miha Štrukelj, No title, 2005

"Sometimes painting extends itself into space and/or society; at times we can hardly even speak of painting, since it merges in various ways with other media, using manifold painting techniques and choosing between countless surfaces. Painting has resigned from grand, hermetic contents; it has often establisheditself within social spacerepresenting minor subjects. Occasionally, on the other hand, it still recedes into itself, its own history, on the intimacy of its creator." (Petja Grafenauer, 2005)

Sašo Vrabič, Covers, 2006

"The mass media and spectacular possibilities of the new visual technologies have altered the nature of the image. This transformed image was important for new approaches in painting; now it not only includes a rich variety of contemporary subjects, but has also diversified the strategies of depiction and representation." (Igor Zabel, 2005)

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