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International Conference: URBAN FORUM ACUPUNCTURE

You are kindly invited to attend the international conference "URBAN FORUM ACUPUNCTURE", which will be held this week in Ljubljana. The conference is a part of the European CULBURB project, the coordinator of project activities in Ljubljana is KUD C3.

"URBAN FORUM Acupuncture" will be held at venues in MSUM, Cyberpipe and Zalog (different locations).

On April 18 and 19 in the Museum of Modern Art in Metelkova (MSUM) urban planners, architects, sociologists, philosophers, historians, anthropologists, lawyers, and artists from Slovenia, Macedonia, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Great Britain and Mexico will lead a debate.

The first day will be dedicated to the presentation of individual practices and theoretical models which are relevant to the project in Zalog, Ljubljana. Discussions will take place in three panels: "Erased space", "Public privateness", "Social Innovation". In the evening, the conference will move to the Cyberpipe, where the programe with CULBURB PRESENTATIONS acupuncture will follow.

On the second day of the conference a round table will be organised with presentations of the urban acupuncture project CULBURB: Shift of political power from city to suburbia, From Project to Reality - From Reality to Critic and Role of Art in Contemporary/Democratic Public Space.

We will close the conference with a tour of public open spaces of Zalog,Ljubljana with urban interactive actions by PAZ!PARK, Bitnamuun, choir Pentakord, AIO. At the opening of the PLATA playground which was reconstructed in the scope of the project, Zlatko and Dj Harky will perform.

CULBURB is a project of urban acupuncture interventions in space taking place in 6 European cities: Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Bratislava, Warsaw and Ljubljana. The basic objective is to improve the quality of life for suburban communities with the collaboration of experts in various fields and the local population.

You are cordially invited to join us!


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More informations: Boštjan Bugarič (
, 059 192 936)

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